Dental Implants in New Jersey

How Implants Assist In Restoring Your Teeth To Proper Function And Aesthetics

The health of your teeth plays a critical role in the quality of your life. At ProHEALTH Riverside Dental our surgical and restorative team work hand-in-hand, under the same roof resulting in a seamless continuity of implant restoration care for our patients. We always take the time to guide you toward the best option for you based on your needs, interests and your oral and overall health.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the preferred choice for tooth replacement. Dental implants replace the root of your tooth with a titanium post, providing the necessary foundation for a single tooth or entire full smile. In certain circumstances we can place the implants and teeth on the same day. The appearance, function, and feel are like natural teeth. This is a great alternative to dentures, bridges, and crowns- implant supported restorations don’t slip or move and can last a lifetime when properly maintained.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide numerous benefits and solutions for certain dental conditions including:

  • Replacing one or multiple missing teeth
  • Assist to restore your function and esthetics
  • Eliminates any movement you may experience with removable dentures
  • With proper maintenance they long-term success

Maintaining Durable Implants & Good Oral Hygiene

Maintaining implants is similar to maintaining your teeth. The key to success in maintaining dental implants is good oral hygiene and periodic maintenance visits with our hygienists and exams by our dentists.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring good oral and overall health, or even simply improving hygiene practices can help keep your dental implants from developing complications.

Our experienced team suggests the following tips:

  • Follow recommended and prescribed maintenance program based on your situation
  • At the first sign of any irregularity – see your dentist
  • Always keep us informed of any changes in your medical condition as it may have an impact on your dental health

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Our Oral Health Mission

At ProHEALTH Riverside Dental we educate, promote and provide proper oral health care as an integral step towards improved overall health and to help people of all ages live healthier and more productive lives—as many people are unaware of the connection between poor oral health and chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s and certain cancers. ProHEALTH Riverside Dental is the only dental organization in New Jersey that has clinical affiliations with high-quality large medical groups and healthcare systems so we can coordinate care with treating physicians.

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Patient Reviews

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  • “I love the personal attention that I receive at this office. Everyone shows that they care and are concerned about your comfort.”

    - Marilyn
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    - James
  • “The staff was prompt, kind, and courteous. The hygienist was thorough, friendly, and took the time to explain things. The Dentist was thorough and took the time to explain things in detail.”

    - Jay