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Benefits of the VIP Program for Your Family

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Signing Up for the ProHEALTH Dental VIP Program

For patients without dental insurance, it can be hard to receive the dental care they need. Luckily, our ProHEALTH Dental VIP Program covers your oral health needs at an affordable price to encourage you to stay on top of your dental care.

Keep reading to learn how this program can benefit your family and protect your oral health.

What is the VIP Program?

Our VIP Program has a low annual fee that covers all your preventative care and provides significant discounts on other dental care such as restorative and cosmetic. Signing up for this program now will ensure you have access to exceptional dental care all year long.

How the Program Benefits Your Entire Family

You can sign up for the VIP Program as an individual or add on your family members — including children. This keeps your family’s dental care housed under our network of exceptional dental professionals at a low rate. From routine cleanings and exams to fluoride treatments and discounts on orthodontic rates — you’re covered!

Note: Membership fee is due upon signing up. If you require restorative work during the year, payment options can be discussed at that time. This gives you the flexibility to pay according to your means while still receiving the same care.

Learn more about the pricing for our VIP Program here.

Exceptional Dental Care in New York & New Jersey

At ProHEALTH Dental, our mission is to provide services and education to patients regarding the critical importance of proper oral health care and its impact on their overall health. Our team of dentists is here to support your family’s oral care needs from general and pediatric dentistry to restorative and orthodontics. Book your dental next check-up today online or call (855) 750-5011

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