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Dental Implants in New York & New Jersey

Implants are definitive replacements for natural teeth. Implants replace the root of your natural tooth with a titanium post, providing the needed foundation for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or the entire upper or lower arch of teeth. One of the best advantages of dental implants is that they last a lifetime.

What are the Benefits of Implants Over Other Options?

Dental implants are typically the preferred choice for tooth replacement. A few benefits include:

  • Can Last A Lifetime -
    Dental implants can last a lifetime in comparison to the 10 years that a dental bridge may last. Dental implants are bio-compatible and do not produce any sort of toxins from the materials used and your body will not reject them.
  • Implants Can Help Adjacent Teeth Feel Stable -
    If you are missing a tooth, this can impact how the rest of your teeth shift. When their is a gap, your teeth will naturally shift towards that gap and can affect your bit. Dental implants can help keep your adjacent teeth stable and keep your bite healthy and natural.
  • Implants Support Restorations That Look, Feel, & Function Like Natural Teeth -
    With dental implants, one major benefit is that they can restore you full chewing power. Most people with dental implants are unable to tell the difference between an implant and one of their own natural teeth.

If you’re interested in our dental implant services, schedule your free consultation online or call 855-750-5011 today.

How Do I Know if I Need Implants?

The best way to know if you are a candidate for implants is to visit a dentist with training, education, and experience with dental implants for a consultation.

Some signs that you might be a good candidate are:

  • If you have dentures and they become loose throughout the day.
  • If your dentures move and are ill-fitting and hurt while you are eating
  • Your bridge is loose.
  • You are missing a tooth or several teeth.
  • You have a broken or cracked tooth.
  • Your tooth appears to be infected.
  • Your facial appearance is sunken-in.
  • You are feeling insecure about your smile because of how your teeth look and feel.
  • You are having trouble chewing your food.

Why Should I Choose ProHEALTH Dental for Dental Implants?

At ProHEALTH Dental, we have dentists who are trained, educated, and experienced who will work with you to achieve the best solution for your needs. We have dentists across multiple offices that are experienced in handling all types of dental implant and restorative services. Please learn about our dental team by clicking here.

Click here to view our Dental Implants Before & After Gallery

If you believe you will need an entire top set or bottom set or a full mouth of implants, learn about our ProHEALTH Dental Implant Center in Lake Success and our Implant team led by Neil Karnofsky, DDS, and Bruce Valauri, DDS.

Call our staff today at 855-750-5011 to schedule a FREE consultation for dental implants—we also offer several convenient financing options.

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