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Invisalign®/Clear Aligners

Invisalign®/Clear Aligners in New York & New Jersey

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Straightening your smile can be easy, comfortable, and discreet with an Invisalign® or clear aligner treatment from ProHEALTH Dental. Invisalign® is a popular orthodontic treatment that can straighten teeth without the use of metal braces and orthodontic procedures related to metal brace maintenance. With a properly fitted Invisalign® or clear aligner designed by our team, you could have a shining smile sooner than you might think.

ProHEALTH Dental office locations that provide Invisalign®/clear aligner treatments include:

Find out if Invisalign® or another clear aligner is right for you. Call (855) 750-5011 to find the dental office nearest you.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Invisalign® treatments are not one-size-fits-all. Clear aligners like Invisalign® are specially created for each dental patient after completing a smile assessment and 3D digital scan of their teeth. Next, the clear aligner is manufactured to be exactly the right fit for the patient.

Once your Invisalign®/clear aligner is ready, your dentist will discuss how and when you should wear it. Most patients will wear Invisalign® whenever they are not eating, so the treatment can work as effectively and quickly as possible. When your Invisalign®/clear aligner is in place, your teeth will naturally start to move to match the aligner, straightening your teeth gradually.

Don’t forget: The entire time that Invisalign® is working, it is highly discreet thanks to the transparent material used to make the aligner. If you have any second thoughts about getting braces because of how they look, then Invisalign® could be the perfect fit in more ways than one.

How Long Do I Have to Wear Invisalign®?

The duration of Invisalign® use depends on the specific needs of your dental health. Some patients wear a clear aligner for about six months, but others might need a clear aligner for more than a year. We will always give you an honest assessment about how long you might need to wear your clear aligners to work. However, most patients start to see smile improvements within a month or so of using Invisalign®.

Will I Need a Retainer After Invisalign®?

Some patients will wear a retainer after completing an Invisalign® or clear aligner treatment. The retainer is used to make sure your smile stays beautifully straight for years and years. Talk to us about Vivera™ retainers, too, which are clear, plastic retainers known for their comfort and specifically from the Invisalign® brand.

Is Invisalign® Comfortable?

Invisalign® is one of the most popular clear aligners on the market for many reasons, including their comfortable design. Most patients who have used metal braces before switching to Invisalign® are shocked at how comfortable it is to wear an Invisalign® clear aligner. You might feel some discomfort toward the beginning of your Invisalign® treatment, but it shouldn’t take long at all for that to fade. Your ProHEALTH dentist will be available to adjust the aligners should any discomfort persist.

Invisalign® also helps you stay comfortable at work, school, or social settings due to its discreetness. Most people will never notice you’re wearing a clear aligner or hear any difference in your speech.

Does Insurance Cover Clear Aligners?

Your dental insurance might cover some of the cost of Invisalign® or clear aligners. It could depend on the specifics of your coverage and if using a clear aligner is a dental necessity or an elective treatment. Some dental insurance companies consider clear aligners a form of cosmetic dentistry rather than orthodontics, so the coverage might not apply. Our intake team would be happy to review your insurance coverage, so you know the total out-of-pocket costs for your clear aligners before starting treatment.

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ProHEALTH Dental is the trusted name for all sorts of dental procedures in New York and New Jersey, including clear aligners and Invisalign® treatments. If you are looking for a comfortable way to straighten your smile and make it more beautiful than ever, then please call (855) 750-5011 to see if clear aligners are right for you.

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