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3 Oral Health Tips for Men

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As men age, there are several health conditions they should be mindful of — including those that affect their oral health. Use these tips to help protect the health of your teeth and gums throughout your life:

1. Learn About Your Family History

Many health conditions could run in your family, and knowing your history is essential to take proper care of your oral health.

Some conditions, such as cavities or gingivitis, may only impact your oral health. Other conditions may be related to other diseases. For example, when you don’t practice good oral hygiene, you may find yourself struggling with gum disease. Studies have found that, if left untreated, the bacteria in your mouth can increase your risks for stroke.

Patients with a predisposition for health conditions must keep a close eye on their oral health as well. In addition, men are more prone to develop the following conditions:

  • Gum Disease: According to The American Dental Association, around 34% of men ages 30-54 have gum disease compared to 23% of women in the same age range.
  • Oral Cancer: Men are twice as likely as women to develop oral cancer.
  • Oral HPV: A study by the University of Texas found that more men than women suffer from the oral manifestation of this virus, leading to oral cancer.
  • Dry mouth: Men are known to experience higher rates of cardiac issues such as heart disease and high blood pressure, and the medications to treat these conditions cause dry mouth.

2. Create an At-Home Routine

Taking care of your teeth at home helps make sure your teeth and gums are always healthy and clean. Here are some tips for keeping up a healthy routine at home:

3. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

One of the most vital parts of your dental health care is going to the dentist regularly. This includes receiving routine x-rays, exams, and cleanings. Preventative dental care can also help detect minor issues early on before they become more severe.

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