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3 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Teeth Over the Holidays

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How to Avoid a Dental Issue This Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with giving, joy, and family — but they’re also filled with sweet treats and plenty of fun events. It’s easy to become forgetful when it comes to your dental care routine over the holidays — but doing so may result in a trip to the dentist.

Our team at ProHEALTH Dental has a few ways you can avoid causing damage to your teeth and gums while still enjoying everything this season has to offer:

1. Be Mindful of Your Snacking

Some holiday-themed snacks such as candy canes and other hard or sticky foods can cause chipped teeth. Eating an abundance of sweet treats can lead to cavities over time. To avoid going into the new year with cavities or the need for treatment, it’s important to care for your smile and choose teeth-friendly foods.

Make sure you continue to brush your teeth 2-3 times per day, especially after snacking, and try not to bite down too hard on any hard candies or foods to prevent damage to your teeth.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Many of our patients do not drink enough water on a normal basis — but add in all of the running around and excitement of the season, and water intake levels seem to be at an all-time low. Drinking enough water helps keep your teeth and gums hydrated — so add a festive water bottle to your shopping list to help get you in the habit of drinking! You should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

3. Don’t Use Your Teeth as a Tool

Whether it’s opening holiday sprinkles or trying to rip wrapping paper, you should always avoid using your teeth as a tool. Using your teeth to open packaging or other items can create chips and cracks or break your brackets for patients with braces.

Avoid using your teeth and instead use scissors or another tool to avoid any damage to your smile. This goes for opening bottles as well — if you’re not eating, your teeth are not right for the job!

Holiday Dental Care in the Tri-State Area

Remember that it’s important to see your dentist regularly — even throughout the holiday season! Whether you need a cleaning or a filling, our team is here to help. Book your dental next check-up today online or call (855) 750-5011

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