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National Dental Hygiene Month

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Halloween Scares and Oral Care All in One Month

October is most recognized for Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating bags full of candy, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we also recognize National Dental Hygiene this month! When it comes to our oral care, we need to think not only about our teeth but also about our mouths and gums.

This month is a great time to brush up on what good dental hygiene looks like. Here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure your teeth are ready to shine bright and smile!


Brushing your teeth is a fundamental aspect of good oral health. By scrubbing tooth surfaces daily, you can help prevent cavities. Stimulating your gums and removing plaque along the gum line can also help prevent gum disease.


Even the most thorough brushing leaves bacteria in the tight spaces between each tooth and under the gum line. To remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria from these areas, be sure to floss once a day.

Use Mouth Rinse for Extra Protection.

Your teeth account for less than half of the surfaces in your mouth, so rinsing is important to remove biofilm and bacteria that brushing and flossing leave behind. Mouth rinse isn’t a substitute for either, but it can supplement your other dental hygiene efforts to reduce the chance of tooth decay and infection.

See Your Dentist.

At-home oral care is vital for good overall dental hygiene, but you also need regular trips to the dentist. Professional cleanings, exams, and X-rays keep your teeth and gums healthy and help you catch problems when they’re still easy to treat.

At your dental hygiene visit, your ProHEALTH Dental hygienist will conduct simple, non-invasive health screenings to help identify warning signs and to ensure your well-being during your visits with us. Remember to keep up with your oral health routine and regularly visit your dentist, primary health provider, and any necessary specialists.

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