How Dental Health Affects the Rest of Your Body

Too often, many people think that plaque buildup and cavities only cause them to have discolored teeth or small oral health issues — but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, your oral health plays a major role in how healthy the rest of your body is as well as signaling that you may be experiencing other health issues.

The Connection Between Oral and Overall Health

There are certain conditions that research has shown that can be connected to your oral health. These can include:


A common issue associated with diabetes is gum disease. Since changes to your blood vessels and impaired blood flow can weaken your gums, it makes them more susceptible to infection. As blood sugar levels also become elevated, your mouth can be at a higher risk of bacteria growth and decay.

In fact, dentists can sometimes tell if a patient has diabetes solely based on their gum inflammation and missing teeth.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that those with periodontal disease have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. While the specific reasoning for this is still unknown, doctors believe it could be due to oral bacteria and plaque buildup traveling to and clogging arteries.

Additionally, those who have endocarditis typically struggle with the disease because bacteria from their mouth enters into their bloodstream causing inflammation.

Respiratory Illnesses

If bacteria from your mouth travels to your lungs, you may experience respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. While this is most common for those with other underlying health conditions that affect the immune system, poor oral health can worsen these issues.

Exceptional Oral Care in the Tri-State Area

Since our mouth and body are connected, taking the time to practice better oral cleaning habits will not only benefit your oral health but your overall health as well. At ProHEALTH Dental, we focus on the foundation of hygiene and make optimal oral health our primary goal, always creating a thorough, individualized treatment plan to meet your dental needs.

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